How good are your glutes?

Our glutes are a very important muscle group. Their strength and control is key for the recovery of a lot of common injuries. A very functional and novel way of developing them is through what is known as a monster walk.

The monster walk exercise requires the use of a theraband but can be modified in countless ways to develop the glutes and be relevant to whatever task you want to be doing! To start you have a loop of theraband just above the knees and spread your legs apart so that there is some gentle tension. In a quarter squat stance, take a giant step out to the side (or in any direction) and while keeping your shoulder’s level slowly bring the other foot back into beside the one that stepped out. Control is key here and speed is not of the essence so take your time to do it right! As you step side to side for at least 10 steps in each direction, you will notice your glutes start to feel like they are on fire! This is a very simple exercise to do and it doesn’t require much space, so if you’re watching TV do this exercise and as the commercials come on get up and get those glutes firing! Your body will thank you and reward you with nice strong glutes!

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