If you have ever experienced an episode of pain when turning your head to the side, it’s possible that you have been suffering from a condition called ‘wry neck’. 
What are some causes? 
– Poor posture, typically linked to hunching over a computer or a smartphone screen
– Sitting, slouching or slumping at a desk for an extended period puts pressure on ligaments and muscles
– Reading in bed
– Sleeping on your stomach.
– Whiplash is commonly associated with car accidents, however it can also be sustained through playing contact sports.
– Degenerative disease like arthritis. Like all joints in your body, the cartilage cushioning your vertebrae wears down with age, and the result contributes to the condition osteoarthritis. When the firm cushion between two bones deteriorates, affected individuals experience pain, stiffness and muscle weakness which can make even gentle movements difficult.
Part two in reducing neck pain next week!
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