Dry Needling

Helps decrease pain, improve range of motion and relieve tightness

In order to achieve the best and fastest resolution of your problem your Back To Health Newport Physiotherapist may recommend dry needling as part of your treatment. Dry needling consists of inserting thin acupuncture needles into various anatomical locations to help decrease pain, improve range of motion and relieve tightness, often very quickly. The style of dry needling we practice here at your Newport Physio can have great results with a wide variety of acute and chronic injuries. Research has shown that inserting needles into various tissues can cause rapid local vasodilation, increased capillary permeability, increased activity of cellular building blocks (glucose, amino acids, fatty acids) and a release of neuropeptides from nerve endings. These responses speed up and encourage healing. Needling can also have very important systemic benefits. Various parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system reactions can cause general increased feeling of well being, improved sleep patterns and decreased gut and allergy reactions.

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