Nutrition and Fitness consultations

Effective complement, working synergistically with your physiotherapy care

Back to Health Physio is now offering Nutrition and Fitness consultations.

The comprehensive consultations include:

  • A detailed holistic health screening questionnaire
  • A detailed current diet and exercise assessment
  • An accurate body composition analysis (including body fat %, visceral fat level, metabolic age etc)
  • Personalized, functional biomechanics assessment
  • An evidence based, patient centered recommendation plan on nutritional, exercise and lifestyle components to achieve the individuals health goals.

People that would benefit from this holistic service include anyone with;

  • Any form of arthritis
  • Any chronic pain conditions (fibromyalgia etc)
  • Overweight issues or Obesity
  • Under weight issues
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • Any conditions where stress and anxiety play a role
  • Post injury or surgery
  • Poor immune system response (repetitive infections)
  • Gut health problems
  • Diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • “Metabolic syndrome”
  • And especially: anyone wanting to pro actively minimise the risk of all of the above!

To achieve your health goals and get great long-term outcomes we can follow you up to objectively track your progress and update your diet and exercise plan and keep you motivated!

You will be seen by a qualified Physiotherapist with separate high level nutritional and personal training education.

No Doctors referral is required

Health fund rebates are applicable for these consultations.


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Balgowlah Back to Health

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