Sports Injury Physio

Gets you back to your sporting activity stronger and healthier

Back To Health Physiotherapy Newport has a keen interest in sports injuries and aims to get you back to your sporting activity stronger and healthier than you were before the injury.

Our team of qualified sports physiotherapists have extensive experience in healing and strengthening after a sports injury. Physiotherapy combined with SCENAR therapy makes Back To Health Physiotherapy your first choice for Sporting Injuries on the Northern Beaches.

The use of SCENAR therapy allows our sports physios to treat your sports injury earlier and more intensively to get you back on the field faster. SCENAR can be used even if tissue is swollen, bleeding and bruised or bones are broken (where other physiotherapy techniques would often be inappropriate).


In acute sporting injuries SCENAR may;

  • Reduce swelling
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce bruising and hematoma
  • Reduce scarring
  • Allow faster and more full healing of an acute or chronic injury

Injuries that could have become significant, long lasting problems for our Northern Beaches clients are often treated early and quickly resolved with the use of SCENAR, allowing them to return to their sport without repeat injuries.

Early management of sporting injuries is vital. If you do sustain a sporting injury, act quickly! Ice the area and contact us for advice about appropriate care. Where possible try to get an appointment on the same or following day.

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